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We had that exact experience. When we installed Evernote 2. All the saved data was preserved—no problems.

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What if I lose my purchased apps because my Mac crashes or hard drive dies. Will I have to pay for them again? So developers are encouraged to keep file sizes down. What are some of those restrictions? Apple encourages developers to post those things to their company Websites. Neither will apps that offer their own update mechanisms or misuse the tidy Mac OS X file system.

What are the alternatives to the Mac App Store? Will software including demos, betas, and other non-commercial versions still be available from traditional sources—vendor web sites, mail order, the Apple store, and so forth? The entire Internet is an alternative to the Mac App Store. Developers do not have to make their apps exclusive on the Mac App Store. Presumably all the apps you bought in the Mac App Store will update via the App Store app itself, using the Updates tab. You may update in different places based on where you bought your software, in the short term.

In the long term, the App Store app will probably be the answer.

The Mac App Store: What you need to know

Then again, we've also seen some people on Twitter report that the two stores may not be connected. We're just not sure yet. Yes, you can install apps bought from the Mac App Store on any and every Mac that you personally own and use.

What about the five-Mac restriction that I have with videos I bought from iTunes? Does that work for Apps too?

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Apps don't check to see if you've using an iTunes-authorized Mac. They can ask you to verify your Apple ID and password, but that's a single check and it's just to verify you are who you say you are.

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Once your identity is verified, that's it. There's no authorizing or deauthorizing or counting of different Macs. Does that mean I could buy one copy of an app and install it on every Mac in my business? No, the license you agree to when you enter the Mac App Store says that app downloads are for Macs that you personally own, and that's a license for personal use.

Apps that are intended for professional use are licensed for you or for a single computer used by several people. Your license from the perpetual release of Office will not work with the app versions from the App Store. Click here to learn about Office subscriptions and pricing.

Do I need to do anything? It's likely that you installed Office directly from Microsoft. The apps in the Mac App Store do not provide functionality beyond what you have today. You may have other Microsoft apps installed on your Mac, and AutoUpdate will continue providing updates just for those apps. Can I have multiple versions and builds of Office installed on my Mac?

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  4. Office , Office , and Office use the same application and file names. The Office apps in the Mac App Store are production releases. Get support. Expand your Office skills. Was this information helpful? Yes No. Any other feedback? How can we improve it?

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