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When ready, transfer to a paper towel lined dish to drain. The mushrooms will crisp as they cool. Bring to the boil to re-heat pasta. Serve topped with smoked paprika, Shiitake Bacon and our famous Almond Parm.

Margarine or Butter | Blue Flame Kitchen

Search GO! Blog Categories. PREP Roast sweet potatoes. But it's not uncommon for my assumptions to be entirely wrong, and on more than one occasion I've realized that I either don't have enough butter or have entirely run out of the stuff when I am halfway through a recipe.

Margarine Substitutes

If you've found yourself in dire need for a butter substitute, the first step is to stop panicking, because chances are good that you already have a few good butter substitutes in your pantry. We're not just talking about the most obvious butter substitutes though. Because of course you could substitute butter with margarine or some other dairy-free butter. But if you've run out of regular, dairy-full butter, chances are good you don't have vegan butter readily available either.


But hey, if you do, you really don't have a problem! Simple use as much vegan butter or margarine as you would butter. So what are some other easy substitutes for butter that'll do in a pinch?

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It really depends on how you're using the butter. So instead of a pat of butter in the hot pan, add a drizzle of olive oil.

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Olive oil isn't great for baking though, because of its distinctive, and sometimes quite strong, taste. There are plenty of recipes that make use of olive oil in baking if you want to give it a shot, though.

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