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Cointerra driver Bitmine A1 driver [not included in Mac build] Avalon2U driver Wider status window ANU devices aka AntminerU1 usb sticks will now take any arbitrary frequency with --anu-freq and cgminer will try to find the nearest frequency it can set it to, instead of being restricted to 25MHz increments. Hashfast restarts should be a little more reliable Klondike, avalon, bab, drillbit will display more info on screen Pools that silently drop stratum shares submitted will not induce a memory leak in cgminer If no connection is present at startup, cgminer will be able to connect to a dead pool later when it comes alive.

Fix a couple of potential hangs Temperature for devices that support it will now show up in the api devs command Icarus and bitfury devices that stop producing shares will now be sent a reset after a minute of no activity, and if they do not respond within another minute will be dropped, allowing cgminer to attempt to re-hotplug them.

This has been proven effective at bringing back U1 miners that stop hashing. Fix for the sitting idle doing nothing bug. Add temperature to API devs call for hash fast devices Full changelog here. Brought back USB reset attempts on communication errors. Fixed the need for adding icarus-timing when overclocking antminer U1devices. Dynamic temperature based fanspeed and per-die clockspeed control for hashfast devices with the following new commands.

The output can be watched via the API. Enduring sweltering temperatures of up to 44 degrees here has made for an excellent real world test for this code. Lots of extra information in the hashfast API stats output. Hashfast serial number is shown as a hex value now.

Better hashfast flushing of work on restarts - new firmware will build further on this. Antminer U1 overclocking support with --anu-freq note: By default, Antminer U1 devices run at a clockspeed of This command allows you to specify a chosen frequency to attempt to run all ANU devices at and the value must be in increments of In the worst case scenario it will fail to start at too high a speed. Added a way to zero other stats within each driver when the zero stats command is given though no driver currently uses it. Fix one stale work item being passed to drivers after a block change.

Fix a rare usbutils crash Pool diffs that are fractions only show one decimal place now. In debug mode a message will show up if there are substantial delays in getting work. Fix for massive data over the API Other random fixes. Antminer U1 support Numerous fixes for behaviour surrounding USB errors - pipe and IO errors, and no more attempting to reset the device since it's rarely helpful and occasionally harmful.

Libusb and libusbx have finally reconciled their differences and merged all their fixes together into a new official libusb release, so the main change in this version is updating the core code to include this latest libusb. Hopefully this might increase compatibility with some USB3 hubs on windows and make it more reliable based on the changelogs I can see in libusb. This is the reason for the minor version number update to 12 as it's quite a substantial code change, hopefully only for the better! Increased the hashfast overheat limit default to 90 after extensive discussions with the engineers who designed the devices.

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Fixed a crash in the nanofury USB stick code. Fixed the displayed diff shown being wrong when solo mining. A proper working hashfast driver tested working on a real device, including the windows version. Substantially updated BAB driver courtesy of Kano. Hopefully he can give us a summary of the changes there.

Generic fixes for the reconnect bug on btcguild unsure if other issues still exist. Work is discarded on a stratum reconnect message from the pool now as btcguild uses to avoid working on invalid work on switching URLs. Fixed the stuck line at the top of the log window. Message about block change detected no longer mentions longpoll. API now has a field "Last getwork" in summary which can be used to see that we are still getting work from pools.

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This is useful if you are trying to determine if a device is dead for device reasons or simply isn't getting work from any pools. If "Last getwork" is not incrementing, there is no work for any devices. Note that the default was 54 so is now 50 to be in keeping with USB2 power limit standards. The driver is otherwise unchanged so any other differences you see are pure variance. Threads names have been changed so they will show up with different, consistent names in your process manager of choice. Building will now not include libbitfury on every configuration unnecessarily.

Configuring the AnyDATA ADU-510L modem on Mac OS X

The crash on device removal has been fixed. Fixes for lean configurations that failed to build. Minion driver. Nanofury driver. These are set up the same as every other USB device is on cgminer. Tested on both windows and linux sorry no osx to test. Note the hashrate is once again based on only valid shares so may appear lower than other software using this device.

No HW errors are currently counted though they're most definitely there in abundance due to bitfury design. This is a driver based on all the other ones out there with a completely rewritten model to suit how cgminer drivers work.

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Hashfast driver fixes. Fixed BXF devices slowing down over time. Driver for drillbit ASICs. Fixes for various KnC hardware errors, with improvements to hashrate. Note this is not a comprehensive fix for the hardware errors specific to rEligius - you will find a substantial drop in hardware errors if you start cgminer with the quiet and text only options -q -T. This includes dynamic clocking based on temperature which tries to maintain a constant temperature set intiially to 82 degrees but adjustable with --bxf-temp-target.

Much more API output for bxf devices. BFL SC devices will now throttle 3 degrees below cutoff 82 degrees and cut off work at the lower 85 degrees, restarting when they get below If you wish to aim for a higher maximum, use the --temp-cutoff feature 90 was the old maximum. If you set it to zero it will disable this behaviour. I'm preparing for our summer here Wink BFL SC devices will be less aggressive with their fan control now, allowing temps to drift up a little more before going to maximum speed.

Fixes for builds with --with-system-libusb enabled not working with older libusbs. Note that using this option is not recommended unless you can't install udev anyway. Fixes for warnings with. Dramatically improved communications for USB1. The USB1. Fixes for leaving too many open files problem with repeatedly hotplugging devices on low resource systems eg RPi. Fix a potential API crash. The build will be much quieter around the jansson part now. More hashfast driver additions no, the real hardware still doesn't exist. More fixes to make usb communications more forgiving and robust which may improve reliability and speeds.

Timeout overruns won't show unless you have verbose mode on now. Json API commands should work again. More fixes for upcoming hashfast hardware.

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Lowmem mode has been extended to use USB sync transfers BXF devices should align better with other devices on the display. Devices will now initialise before trying to connect to pools. Fixed the bxf device to align in the display column if temperature went above degrees. Don't keep displaying json auth failed on stratum pools that are misbehaving except at verbose logging level. Very small improvement in hardware error rate on some USB devices due to the way return messages are handled.

Fix a memory leak when json is used to communicate with the RPC API Avalon improvements to fix the sudden drops in hashrate these fixes are all already in the last avalon firmware I uploaded. Unlimited re-hotplugging of devices that have USB failures and turn into zombies but have had their USB reset by the operating system. These will come up as BXF devices.

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Note that if you have one of these, having 2 bitfury chips they generate a LOT of heat and will need active cooling. The first firmware for them does not have a way to stop them mining so they will get dangerously hot if you don't point a fan at them and stopping cgminer won't even cool them down. This should be fixed in their next version.

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Set priority of various threads high and low for poor performing hardware e. Fixed a problem where it was possible for cgminer to hang after getting notification of a new block when mining via getwork. Low level communication fixes within libusb itself to support sending proper zero length packets on windows for more reliable communications same as the lulz binary , along with automatically clearing pipe errors and not losing buffered data.

More low level avalon fixes. Klondike fixes Hashfast fixes BaB fixes Hardware errors on starting BF1 devices are now minimised Fix for mining directly on a GBT port with --fix-protocol --shares is now scaled relative to diff1 shares instead of absolute number Fix for a rare crash on startup Other low level fixes More verbose documentation Full changelog here. Unchanged for Mac users since 3. Should help more on windows than anywhere else. Slight improvements to the blue and redfury drivers will decrease duplicates at startup, lost work across block changes, and will now show hardware errors - NOTE the hardware errors are not more than before, they simply weren't being reported before.

Numerous tweaks to improve Avalon behaviour possibly still problematic on wrt hardware but works better on PC. Fixes to prevent Avalons from hanging rarely on block change. Low level clean ups, bugfixes and preparation for more driver code. Remove all GPU code. Fix for crashes on startup and hotplug. Fix for hangs doing no further work after a block change.