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The high resolution screenshot console command does this by rendering the game frame multiple times, one tile at a time at full resolution and concatenating all tiles into a single image file. The default behavior is to take a screenshot with a resolution 4 times greater than the game resolution and create an image file in the Screenshot folder.

The HighResShot console command takes an optional parameter that can be either an integer number that is a multiplier of the current game's resolution or a 'WxH' value that sets width and height resolution explicitly. It also gives you the ability to adjust the size of the Screenshot you are going to take as well as output the results of the GBuffer. This will write all exported images into. EXR format. This enables full 16 bit color depth HDR export of all of available intermediate rendering stages.

This will allow you to only capture certain objects in the scene. To use this feature, you first need to select any mesh in the scene that you want to capture and then enable Render Custom Depth. Once that has been enabled and Use custom depth as mask has been enabled, all you should see now is a green screen with whatever objects you enabled Render Custom Depth on.

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This allows you to specify a region within the viewport that you wish to capture. You define a region by first clicking on the tool and draw a region to capture by holding down the Left Mouse Button and dragging in the Editor viewport. Due to the high system requirements of a high resolution screenshot, very large multipliers might cause the graphics driver to be unresponsive and possibly crash.

In these circumstances, please try using a lower number. Once the tool has been enabled, press on the Specify Region button and then draw a region you of the editor viewport that you wish to capture. After your capture region has set the size for the screenshot by adjusting the Screenshot Size Multiplier , press the Camera icon to take the screenshot. Once this has been completed, the capture folder will now contain a screenshot for each of the G-Buffers listed above. This enables full 16 bit color depth HDR export of all of available intermediate rendering stages when enabled.

During the course of development, you might need the ability to capture certain objects in the game world for promotional material. While doing this, you might find that you have to manually cut out objects from the background which can be both time consuming and frustrating. To help speed this process up, the HRSST has an option called Use custom depth as mask which helps to separate objects in the world from one another. Setting up and using this part of the tool can be done in the following few steps.

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The first thing that needs to be done is that you need to select whatever objects that you want to capture and then in the Details enable the Render Custom Depth option. Make sure that the region that you are trying to capture does include the meshes that you just enabled Render Custom Depth on.

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