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Most of the voice recording programs in our comparison come bundled with all the required tools and features needed to perform several tasks, including audio input, editing and output. There are a number of aspects you should consider while evaluating your voice recording options. Below are the features and criteria we looked at to compare the best voice recording software:.

Essentially, you can record any audio being played by or through the computer. The best recording applications understand this and already have the ability to work with you if you need to work with other input sources. Consider your current input methods — and any you plan to use in the future — before choosing an application.

For example, recording timers and schedulers let you define the time frame of a particular session, ensuring that your recordings start and end exactly when you need. Similarly, voice-activated recording automates the start of a recording session whenever a predefined level of audio signal decibels is registered by the software.

A program with both digital and analog ripping offers the most versatility for a variety of needs. Digital ripping is useful when recording digital media, and you need analog ripping with copy-protected digital media that cannot be ripped conventionally. Burn tools are used for saving files to optical media for storage and playback. You might need to edit a silence, add a filter or special effect, or manage background noise.

Best Audio Recording Software for Mac

Most programs can handle standard editing needs, but the best applications can handle whatever you throw at them. Many programs let you trim or insert a silence in an audio track or file, which typically smooths out the flow of a recording or makes it easier to add music or other effects later. Special effects like Sound Warmer, Bass Boost or Echo can also be applied to further enhance or achieve a particular audio effect. Some programs — typically those with a DAW interface — offer far more effects and editing options, as they are closer to the software that studio audio engineers use.

A program with a noise reduction function can mostly or completely eliminate background noise interfering with your actual recording, such as your air conditioner, refrigerator or a vacuum. Any program worth its weight will also have a pop and click removal option for handling additional unwanted noise.

Although a frequent problem, pops and clicks can come from a variety of sources and often be fussy to track down and resolve. Options to change a file format and size are also useful and are often used to output files in the desired audio quality, typically to MP3.

An integrated ID3 tag editor is also useful to label files appropriately for better organization for archiving and future searches. Top programs are not only compatible with a wide variety of file formats but are also adept at importing and exporting files. Ease of Use Recording your voice — or any audio, for that matter — on your computer can be difficult when you factor in things like choosing and setting up hardware or searching for the right software application to use.

From installation to implementation to actual use, the entire process of voice recording should be straightforward and simple. Help files, manuals, FAQs and tutorials address day to day issues, whereas phone support, email, live chat and forums are best for solving specific issues. The best developers host a full array of informational resources on their website and provide multiple ways to contact their technical support teams directly.

Audacity: For power users.

By learning more about these types of software, you can be better informed to make the best choice for your needs. Voice recording software is the simpler of the two. You can record audio manually or set the program to run on a schedule or be triggered by sound over a certain decibel level. Afterward, you can edit the audio with special effects. In addition, this type of program has tools you can use to trim files, eliminate unwanted background noise and export. This is also the cheaper of the two types of software, making it a great choice for those on a budget as well as anyone not using it for professional audio production.

A digital audio workstation DAW is a more heavy-duty version of voice recording software.

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This kind of software can handle more inputs and tracks, has wider file format compatibility, and generally produces higher quality audio files. Because DAWs are more powerful, they cost more and are predominantly made for audio professionals. The ease of use makes its one of the best ones out there, and the price is right since it's FREE. You just assign a hotkey to record and you're up and running, so much less hassle than opening a program.

Also ranked 1 in What are the best voice recording services. This is a good solution 8. Audacity was suggested to me and I found that it not only works well, but allows me to better enjoy my music. It enables me to use my Mac for music recording in a way I never could do before. Also ranked 1 in What are the best free music studio software programs.

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This is a good solution 7. It seriously couldn't be any easier to use. Click to record, click to stop.

PODCAST SETUP - My multipurpose MacBook Pro audio recording

The icon is always there and ready for you. I'm seriously considering getting the professional version for the extra features because it really seems like it will be worth the money.

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  • Also ranked 34 in What are the best macOS apps. This is a good solution 6. It is a great software option that works well on a Mac. It's developed by NCH Software for sound recording and will work with a variety of devices. The company that makes it also has other professional audio recording software for your needs. Also ranked 3 in What are the best audio recording for PC. This is a good solution 5. Ondesoft Audio Recorder is a powerful and easy-to-use Mac audio recording software, with it, you can capture and record audio from any application on Mac.

    Walter Flores. But while it mentions a prime example of a audio recorder application for Mac, the cost of the recorder is omitted. This is a good solution 4. Apowersoft Audio Recorder for Mac is the easiest way to record any sound you hear on Mac. Using this Mac audio recorder, you are able to record audio from any internal or external sources, such as sound card, microphone, and other line-in devices.

    Matthew Jimenez. I ended up getting Apowersoft Audio Recorder and while I had high hopes, this failed to meet expectations. The sound recording is very grainy and will randomly stop recording. Unfortunately, I have to look elsewhere for an audio recorder program.

    Renee Audio Recorder Pro - Rene.E Laboratory

    Also ranked 2 in What are the best streaming audio recording programs. This is a good solution 1. Want to control your playback using air gestures, view your favorite song as a really cool waveform, have infinite control over your music, or simply stare at a gorgeous interface? Why is this software program no longer available in our Catalog?

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    Free alternative apps. Explore apps. Plane Control Lite. Jar of Marbles. Work Schedule - Daily Planner. Arcade Pinball. NinJump Deluxe. Avast Mac Security. Read more stories. Don't leave without your download! Audio Recorder Audio recording on Mac has never been easier.